Give Up? Never!


I have been trained in so many “best practices” that I could write a book. However, the strategy that is more effective than any “best practice” is maintaining positive attitude.

I visited a school today to train the staff during the PLC meeting. I walked in the room full of pep because I love working with teachers. Many of them I have known for years, so training days like this seem more like visiting family than teaching.

During the group application portion of the meeting, I was called to a table by a teacher who said the activity wouldn’t work with the kids in his class because they couldn’t listen and were only interested in guns.

Guns? ONLY interested in GUNS?

Sigh……Really? Are we still here in 2011?

I handled it in a professional manner, questioning him further to reveal the lack of validity of his statement. Yet I admit I was saddened. NOT shocked but saddened. If I had a dollar for all of the times I heard statements like this I could give Trump a run for his money.

Although, all teachers have bad days, months or even years the only way to make progress is to stay positive. It is not o.k. to limit your perception of the students so much you begin to think and share that they are unteachable.

So today I shout to the world 15 reasons to monitor your attitude when teaching students.

15. You will feel better.

14. The kids will feel safer.

13. The kids will be more comfortable

12. The students will learn more.

11. You can get to know what your students. (They really are fascinating.)

10. You can spend more time addressing the “real issues” and see growth.

9. You will have better health.

8. Someone has extended you the same grace.

7. You will maintain the respect of your peers.

6. The problem that seems so insurmountable will begin to seem addressable.

5. You wouldn’t want someone to have that attitude about your child

4. The students deserve better.

3. You can

2. It’s the right thing to do.

1. and you know it.



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