Facebook Fear

Is there a fear of Facebook in many public schools?

As I read school websites, as I often do for fun (I know. I’m a nerd ), I can’t help but notice many public schools do not have a Facebook page.  I have been trying to figure out why that is.

Pro – School Site Facebook page

  1. Better communication with parents
  2. Better communication with students
  3. Better communication with teachers/staff
  4. Better communication with prospective students/parents
  5. Better communication with community
  6. Better control of school image
  7. Free publicity
  8. Ability to share great things taking place at school
  9. Instant feedback on school happenings
  10. Many of the teachers, students and parents are already members and use to the technology.

Con – School Site Facebook page

  1. Student Photo Release?
  2. Comment abuse?
  3. hmmm…I’m sure there must be more

I believe we should begin to showcase our acceptance of technology by modeling how to use it effectively and appropriately.  There are so many pros to having a page, I hope we get over the fear and take the step forward.


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