8 Keys to Phonemes Awareness Success

Reading time 1-2 mins.

Want to develop effective readers?

The Most Effective Phonemic Awareness Instruction includes 8 simple keys to success.

  1.  Start early.   Preschool or Kindergarten is best.
  2. Teaches a maximum of 2 phonemic components at a time.  More than this can cause confusion and make concepts harder to master.
  3.  Teach students in  small groups.  This will allow you to hear each student’s answer.
  4.  Ensure lessons are quick in pace, allowing students to maintain interest.
  5.  Include daily lessons.  This helps students gain mastery through ample practice.
  6.  Keep lessons under 15 minutes.  Any more time and you risk losing the attention of the students.
  7. Make lessons simple and fun.
  8. Connect lessons to reading and writing instruction.

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