Some students just make you smile.  Their silly dance, jokes and responses make them popular than most.  It is only when these students take it too far that we feel the need to address it.  However, we may have been the initial encourager of this behavior.  When the silliness begins to affect instruction it is time to act.

  1. Let the student know, in private. how you feel about the unacceptable behavior and explain expectations.
  2. Try to channel his/her talent for humor into something more productive, such as creating a class play
  3. Try role-playing.  Let him/her be the teacher trying to teach while you distract by being silly.
  4. Explain the consequences of continuing the behavior
  5. Assign independent assignments  and point out acceptable behavior when he/she displays it
  6. Let the child get the attention of the class in a positive way, such as leading study groups, assisting students and conducting mini-lessons.

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