Ooh Ooh Pick Me!

Some students need a lot of attention and will do just about anything to get it.  These are the students who raise their hands after every question,  wave their papers in the air and are quick to show you what they packed in their lunchbox.  Although sometimes innocent, attention seekers can take on a negative tone when their needs are left unmet.  However, there are limited hours in a day to teach, so what can you do to satisfy your darling diva?

  1. Give the student a position of responsibility in the classroom.
  2. Encourage him/her to set an example for others
  3. Assign a special project of interest and let him/her report to class
  4. Assign the student to a small group in which he/she must participate in as a follower
  5. Provide recognition and positive attention whenever possible.
  6. Speak with parent/s to discuss any factors that may be contributing to the students’ problem in school, i.e.sibling rivalry.

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