6 Reasons Teachers are not “feeling” the Common Core Standards….yet (Part 1)

Teachers around the country are being introduced to a new way of teaching.  Many teachers are on board and ready to go.  However some are finding it hard to comply.  In this time of accountability these teachers are seen as negative.  However,  I believe where there is smoke there is fire.  So, what are the reasons teachers may not be excited about the Common Core?

1.  The lack of a shared vision = CONFUSION

When teachers are introduced to the standards, oftentimes it is just that; an introduction.  What’s missing is a conversation about teacher expectations, professional development available and a timeline for implementation.  When this happens teachers begin to make their own assumptions, which can lead to misconceptions and plain old confusion.

2. Knowledge of skill gaps = ANXIETY

There comes a time in most teachers’ lives when they realize that they do not possess the skill necessary to teach something.  This happens to us all.  However, in this day of high stakes testing and teacher accountability it is harder and harder to admit publicly that you need help.  The common core standards are forcing all of us to take stock of our strengths and shortcomings.  This look in the mirror can be very stressful.

3.  Unknown Benefits = RESISTANCE

By now you have been told that the common core standards are inevitable.  However, what has been left out is how this switch will benefit the school.  Most likely classes will see dips in test scores while learning curves are addressed and many are unsure of who will be blamed for these dips.  Teachers who may have recently just given in to the high stakes system will now be asked to change again.  Who wants to do that?  Not many.





  1. I need to present what we learned at the Smarter Balance training for the Common Core to the staff tomorrow and I’ve been breaking my head as to how to present the information; this is great…can I borrow

  2. natalia

    where is part 2

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