6 Reasons Teachers are not “feeling” the Common Core Standards….yet (Part 2)

Teachers around the country are being introduced to a new way of teaching. Many teachers are on board and ready to go. However some are finding it hard to comply. In this time of accountability these teachers are seen as negative. However, I believe where there is smoke there is fire. So, what are the reasons teachers may not be excited about the Common Core?

4. Nonexistent resources = FRUSTRATION

Computers, assessments, textbooks, etc. are all needed to teach the common core standards. But where are they? If your school is like most, it is in the planning stage. Teachers who would like to explore elements of common core are halted due to the lack of resources available. Most schools do not even have a knowledgeable coach available to answer questions. How frustrating!

5. Lack of Action Plan = Hard work and no results

Many teachers are working hard researching, trying out new strategies and analyzing the common core standards. However, without a plan of action each is moving down an isolated road. Although many successes may take place, it is inevitable that some roads will lead to a dead end.

6. Missing results = APATHY

So many teachers are working harder than ever teaching the common core standards. However, who knows if the instruction is working. Many of us still are not sure how to assess certain skills/content. Without a way to judge progress, many teachers will find themselves losing motivation, wondering if any of their hard work has paid off.


…and who wants to go to work with this load of discomfort?


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