25 Behavior Managment Strategies that will eventually fail.

They may work every now and then, but not for long. Keep them up and you will eventually lose the behavior battle.

  1. Yelling
  2. Saying, “I’m the boss here”
  3. Insisting on the last word
  4. Using tense body language
  5. Using degrading, insulting, humiliating or embarrassing put-downs
  6. Using sarcasm
  7. Attacking the student’s character
  8. Acting superior
  9. Using physical force
  10. Drawing an unrelated person into the conflict
  11. Having a double standard
  12. Insisting that you are right
  13. Making assumptions
  14. Backing a student into a corner
  15. Pleading
  16. Bribing
  17. Holding a grudge
  18. Nagging
  19. Throwing a temper tantrum
  20. Mimicking a student
  21. Making comparisons with other students
  22. Commanding, demanding or dominating
  23. Rewarding the student
  24. Raising your voice
  25. Generalizing about students by making remarks such as kids are all the same

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