Developing the Ultimate Student Behavior

Do you want passionate, well-behaved, self-driven students? Well, follow the lead of effective behavior managers.

  1. Understand that social-emotional growth is a never-ending process
  2. Clearly communicate rules, goals and expectations.
  3. Respond to behaviors consistently and predictably.
  4. Discriminate between issues of responsibility and problems of ownership
  5. Exhibit high degrees of empathy and self-efficacy
  6. Have materials organized and ready
  7. Use a pleasant tone of voice
  8. Be aware of multiple elements of group functioning simultaneously
  9. Be able to anticipate possible problems and react quickly to avoid them

The teachers’ abilities to be empathetic is associated with student behavioral success. Empathetic teachers report experiencing less stress and exhibit the following qualities:

  1. warm
  2. caring
  3. affectionate
  4. friendly
  5. soft-spoken
  6. calm
  7. relaxed
  8. humorous
  9. analytical of behavioral and motives
  10. able to predict how another will act
  11. able to sympathize not easily incited
  12. note easily depressed
  13. spontaneous
  14. encouraging
  15. inspiring
  16. motivating
  17. adaptable to student needs
  18. altruistic
  19. able to give positive verbal and non-verbal feedback
  20. do not need to be the center of attention
  21. independent
  22. creative

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